Molson Coors Faced Complexities When Returning to the Office

Lyft, Ford, Uber, Alphabet (Google parent company), and Apple delayed plans to bring employees back into the office.

Facebook and Wells Fargo currently plan to return in January.

Molson Coors Beverage Co. had corporate employees RTO (return to office) in October. The Wallstreet Journal reports it was a little more complicated than expected.

Four lessons:

#1. Mandate vaccination.

Molson mandated vaccines for 2,200 corporate employees as a condition for RTO. Less than 1% of U.S. corporate staff quit, either because of the vaccine mandate or required return to the office.

Molson also mandated boosters.

Many employees felt safer returning because of vaccine mandates.

(I’m not endorsing mandated vaccination. I’m simply reporting what Molson did. – Added for clarity at 9:39 a.m. on 12/17/21)

#2. Be flexible, open, and transparent.

Every company listed above has modified their response to COVID.

Skillful leaders stay flexible when making decisions in turbulent environments.

Words that apply:

  1. Currently…
  2. At this time…
  3. We are still learning…
  4. This is our current position…
  5. We’ll keep you informed…

The CEO of Molson, Gavin Hattersley, indicated you can’t overcommunicate.

#3. Listen and adapt.

The leadership team considered a four-day week but settled on three. Employee input was central to the decision.

Hatteresley seemed to prefer five days a week in the office. Ultimately, Molson requires all employees report to the office on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

#4. Seven practical considerations.

  1. Mask-wearing is required when near others.
  2. Green, yellow, and red wristband indicate the comfort level of employees with physical contact.
  3. Give 10 minutes of walk time to get to meetings. Don’t schedule back to back meetings.
  4. Distribute hand sanitizer.
  5. Have IT staff available to help with network and Wi-Fi issues.
  6. Provide guides for hybrid work to supervisors.
  7. Wearing masks in the conference room hinders effective video communication.

What factors must be considered when bringing people back to the office?

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