5 Ways Arrogance Struggles on its Own

Meaningful service and happy feelings don’t always go together. But arrogance – the hidden enemy of leadership – makes the burdens of leadership heavier.

Leadership is fulfilling but ease feels better than constant challenge. Leaders care more, worry more, and struggle more than people who checkout and go home at 5.

Arrogance creeps in and chokes your potential. Arrogance carries weight on its own.

Arrogance creeps in and chokes your potential. Image of greasy hands reaching to choke something.

5 ways arrogance struggles on its own:

  1. Giving answers but not asking questions.
  2. Pouring energy into face-saving.
  3. Needing to save the day. Look how splendid I am!
  4. Hoarding responsibility, authority, and power.
  5. Rushing to help but refusing to receive help.

Anything that puts you at the center and pushes others out adds weight to the burdens of leadership.

Responsible offloading:

Leaders practice humility by sharing authority. Yes, you’re always responsible even when you delegate authority.

Trust competent people. Place weight from your shoulders on competent others. Anyone who is 70% to 80% ready is ready to take on new responsibilities.

Don’t throw weight on the unsuspecting. Discuss taking on new responsibilities. High performers love weight. Reluctance to take on weight is figuring out how to succeed.

Growth requires struggle. When you rush to lift weight from people, you restrict their potential. Reject false compassion. Protecting people from struggle makes them weak.

Let people struggle and monitor discouragement or frustration. Stay available. Check-in. Don’t save the day. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it.

Don’t do competent people’s work for them. Saving the day puts you at the center and leads to incompetence in others.

Before lifting weight from someone’s shoulders, ask if there is someone on the team who can help.

Make it safe to tap out. The only way to maximize potential is to try, fail, and try again.

Who on your team is ready to carry weight?

How can leaders learn to expand potential by putting weight on competent people?

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