How to be Happy by Complaining More

Complaining done well increases happiness. Don’t get the wrong impression. Curmudgeons are toxic. The difference is ego. Big shots are never happy. They complain because the world revolves around them. complaining done well makes you happy

Complaining more:

We’re looking for white lights for our fake Christmas tree with fake snow on it. I love complaining about fake Christmas trees and white lights. Thankfully, we didn’t find any.

I decided to fill up at Sam’s Club before driving home. Gas is 20 cents cheaper. That’s when my problems began.

Waiting turns me into a caged animal. When there’s a line at a restaurant, I don’t get out of the car. I’d rather go hungry. Choosing a line at a gas station is an art. Don’t get behind a pickup with dual wheels. It probably has two gas tanks.

My wife noticed an opening on the right bank of pumps. I went for it. It was blocked by an orange cone. Doh!

I drove around the station to start again. I said the same bad word several times in a row while going to the back of the line. Saying bad words makes me happy.

My second mistake was choosing the shortest line. Never choose the shortest line. Look for fast people and economy cars. We got one thing right. Economy cars.

I swear the guy at the pump had never pumped gas before. He stared at the pump like he’d never seen one. I wanted to get out and show him where to put his freaking credit card. Then he looked at the handle like it was a novelty. Just pick it up!

Eventually he turned to his car and contemplated the best way to open his gas tank. I complained with delight through the whole experience.

The best things to complain about are insignificant. And my wife is searching online for white Christmas lights.

Complaining poisons life when you take yourself seriously.

What is the difference between toxic and non-toxic complaining?

Something serious about the value of complaining: Go Ahead and Complain. It Might Be Good for You