My Problem: A Bag of Left-Footed Socks

Shopping is exhilarating. I go once or twice a decade at least.

Thoughts of buying new jeans feel as delightful as an angry skunk encounter. I’m still recovering from my bi-decade trip to the outlets in the Poconos. It was a stretch, but I bought a bag of ASICS low cut running socks. I don’t run, but running socks make me feel fit.

An ASICS running sock with an "L".

The Problem:

It took about four weeks for life to feel normal after our shopping safari. Then I noticed an “L” inside one sock. The other sock had an “L” too!

“They got mismatched in the laundry,” I thought. Come to find out, I bought a bag of left-footed socks. Houston, we have a problem!

This made me think of the Yasso Bar incident.

I’m partial to vanilla chocolate crunch Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars. Crunchie goodness combined with frozen creamy delight tantalize the tastebuds. A while back I noticed we were getting gypped on the crunchy count. I decided to complain.


My complaint read…

Dear Yasso,

“We are fans of Yasso bars, especially the dipped vanilla chocolate crunch. The last three boxes have not been up to your previous standard of crunchiness.” I went on, “We plan to continue purchasing Yasso bars but thought you should know of this inconsistency.”

I received a lovely reply within a couple hours. They sent me coupons to replace the disappointing bars (I endured eating the defective bars). and some additional $1.00 off coupons. That’s why I thought I’d complain to ASICS. Who knows, maybe they’ll send me a bag of running booties marked “R” and double my value!

About this time, it hit me. The “L” was for LARGE.

Take away:

Stay positive. Confirm the problem before fixing it.

Have you ever responded to a problem that didn’t exist?

PS – Yasso bars are great. Some have extra crunchies. And I love my ASICS running socks.

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