Drink and Forget

A stream gurgles alongside the road to success. When thirsty travelers drink, they forget. They can’t remember their friends. They can’t recognize their sisters and brothers. One traveler failed to recognize his father.

Self-made frees one to honor self. Image of a peacock.

The freedom of forgetting:

Those who drink from the brook beside the path to success transform into self-made barbarians. They free themselves from debt. Obligations wash away. They race upward with one duty. Honor self.

Baltasar Gracian observed those who drank, “… forgot even themselves, and now that they were on the high seas, could barely remember they were spawned in puddles. They forgot all that could remind them of their dust and dung, all that would make them lower their feathers.”

When you forget the past, you pursue destiny untethered by the limitations of origins.

Those who become unburdened become unbound beasts.

Arrogance demands and expects. Humility receives and enjoys. Image of a window.

Remember their end:

Those who drink from the waters beside the path to success stagger like drunkards overcome with ingratitude. They stumble into exclusivity unable to recognize others or themselves.

Detachment is the first symptom of success. You feel aloof. Remote. Unobligated. Finally, you are untethered and alone.

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This post is inspired by a short chapter in A Pocket Mirror for Heros by Baltasar Gracian.

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