Overcoming 7 Barriers to Getting What You Want

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All leaders want what they don’t have. Wrong wanting frustrates. Right wanting motivates.

Why leaders don’t get what they want?

  1. Failure to name it. You never achieve what you don’t name. Fear prevents leaders from saying what they really want.
  2. Neglecting the team. Too much time spent focused on reaching goals not enough focused on building people.
  3. Too many big goals not enough small. Successfully achieving several small goals builds confidence that big goals are possible. Reaching goals lengthens reach. Persistently falling short, shortens reach.
  4. Unrealistic expectations.
  5. Planning without follow through.
  6. Lack of direction and focus.
  7. Too much passion; not enough reason.

Get what you want by wanting the right things.

  1. The horses in the barn not your imagination identify the right things to want. Where can your team take the organization you lead? Want that! It’s foolish to go where your team can’t take you.
  2. Identify what you want by exploring what others want. What you want isn’t the only want. Aligned wants are achieved. Isolated wants cool and die.
  3. Adapt your wants to anticipated resources, plus a little. Did income increase by 4% last year? Adjust your wants by 6%. Did it decrease by 5% then decrease by 3%.

Get what you want by building the team. People never reach when failure seems certain.

  1. Build confidence by honoring skills, talents, and effort. Achievements are great but talent got you there.
  2. Motivate with achievable milestones.
  3. Establish stretch goals with, not for.
  4. Develop skill-sets that align with goals.

Bonus: Change the team.

Why don’t leaders get what they want?

How can leaders more frequently get what they want?