12 Questions that Solve Collisions of Expectation

Remarkable leaders exceed expectation.

Organizations love or hate leaders based on expectation. Exceed expectation and you’re respected, honored, even revered.

Disappoint expectation long enough, you’re gone.


Excitement, joy, sadness, and disappointment are rooted in expectation.

7 expectations of leadership:

  1. Results.
  2. Daily performance.
  3. Character.
  4. Relationship.
  5. Skill.
  6. Knowledge.
  7. Presence.


 The expectation others have for you often apply to the way you treat others, not themselves.

 Take charge leaders want you to take charge, except when it applies to them. People who want you to tell others what to do, don’t want you to tell them what to do, for example.

Exposing and aligning expectation:


Recurring complaints often reveal misaligned expectation. Solve one issue and another complaint takes it’s place.

People who are never happy with each other have collisions of expectation.

12 questions to align and manage expectation:

  1. What do we really want? Include personal hopes, individual involvement, as well as organizational results.
  2. What’s important about this situation? Leaders who enjoy developing others may sacrifice results for development, for example. They’re happy as long as people are growing.
  3. How would you like to treat others with this challenge in mind?
  4. How would you like me to treat others with this challenge in mind?
  5. How do you want me to treat you with this challenge in mind?
  6. What does progress look like? Include behaviors as well as results.
  7. How would we like to move forward this week/month? Specifically.
  8. How involved would you like to be?
  9. How involved would you like me to be?
  10. How would you like to deal with resistance?
  11. How will we celebrate wins and communicate vision?
  12. How might leveraging our individual strengths create broader solutions to this challenge?

Warning: Disengaged power players end up judging from a distance.

Successful leaders establish, clarify, and manage expectation because remarkable leadership includes exceeding expectation.

What expectations do you feel from others?

How are you managing the expectations of others?