Weird Leadership


People who change things become fanatics first. I became obsessed with developing leadership a few years ago. Many friends thought I was weird. Some friends don’t hang with me anymore. I’m more committed to developing leadership than anyone around me.

Radical leaders create radical change.

Ordinary never satisfies. Fitting in doesn’t work.

Becoming weird:

Develop radical leadership by confronting radical problems.

Stop twiddling your thumbs while waiting for golden opportunities to fall from the sky. Address an issue others see but no one confronts.

Get off your butt and find a problem bigger than you. Big problems are big leadership opportunities.

After finding a big problem, find others who are pissed too.

Create a team of angry people
willing to stop talking and start doing.

Help others believe something must be done!



  1. Magic pills
  2. Quick fixes
  3. Easy solutions.

If small worked, small leaders would have
already solved the challenge.


Just do something. Create an underground movement to simplify bureaucracy in your organization, for example.

  1. Change one thing at a time.
  2. Create momentum.
  3. Grow the team.
  4. Seek wisdom from others.
  5. Affiliate with other change instigators.
  6. Press through resistance. Do-nothing people try to stop do-something people.
  7. Get permission later.

People who change things look weird to the rest of us but they aren’t trying to look weird.

Radical dedication to mission makes leaders weird
to those who don’t share their mission.

Additionally, naysayers, sluggards, and drifters believe leaders who are dedicated to radical change are unbalanced, misguided; perhaps even delusional.


Follow your anger. Things that make you mad reveal your heart. Transform anger into motivation. Get weird. If you aren’t weird, you don’t care enough.

What ticks you off?

What are you weird about?

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