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The Secret to Creating Happiness

Happiness is more a function of attitude than environment. People in the same environment may be happy or sad depending on their attitude. Happiness within organizations: Commitment is fundamental to happiness. Committed people… Continue reading

Pushing Through without Pushing Away

Challenge the comfortable status quo and others resist. However, resistance tests new ideas; it’s healthy. You need to demonstrate and defend their worth. It takes courage to push through and wisdom to push… Continue reading

The Stupidity and Strength of Youth

Young leaders focus on themselves too much. They mistakenly believe success depends on them rather than others. They think about their own potential and neglect the potential of others. Small dreams are reached… Continue reading

Giving Criticism Like a Pro

Stop talking if you’re a critical boss. You may say, “I’m just being helpful.” Unrequested criticism is like a drive-by shooting – there’s no responsibility for positive outcomes. It’s sleazy and easy. After… Continue reading

The Only Reason You Are Here

The simple, uncomplicated principle of success is you are here to serve. The better you serve – the more value you add – the more success you’ll enjoy. Reject distractions.  Anything that requires… Continue reading

How to Adapt Without Losing Yourself

Image source The first thing Jim Parker, former CEO Southwest Airlines, said when I asked him to share the advice he most frequently gives leaders was, “Be yourself.” “I’m just being me,” can,… Continue reading