The Question that Changes You

Failures and questions:

Failure humbles you by demonstrating your lack of knowledge and ability. Failures, additionally, burst the bubble of perceived control. Failure breaks up old ways of thinking and doing.

Failures are followed by nagging questions. What would you do differently? What have you learned? These are good questions but they aren’t life changing.

Successes and questions:

Success lifts you by demonstrating your knowledge and abilities. Success establishes current ways of thinking and doing.

Successes are followed by confirming questions. What did you do right? What will you do again? As well as, how will you improve? These are good questions but they aren’t life changing.

Questions that don’t change you:

Thinking about strategies and methods enhances your knowledge and skills but that thinking won’t change you.

The question that changes you:

I asked a leader I’m coaching how his recent experiences changed the way he viewed himself.

The question that changes you is about “being” not “doing”. Engage in self-reflection by asking – how have my experiences changed the way I think about me.

Stepping across:

Your answers may encourage your heart and expand your vision. Don’t assume, on the other hand, you’ll always be lifted by the question that changes you. You may not like what comes to light. Self-reflection, whether comfortable or uncomfortable, opens the door to leadership based on being.  Courageously step across that threshold.

You’ll find the path to personal fulfillment and fruitful leadership when being informs doing; when who you are frames what you do.


How is your view of yourself changing?


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