How to Deliver more Results by Coaching Others

Management’s greatest challenge is delivering results through others.

Average managers manage processes; great managers manage people.

You’ll go further if you spend less time focused on what you want and more time focusing on how to get there.

Cultivating your coaching skills enables you to deliver more results through others by focusing on execution.

The shift to coach

Coaching conversations, whether spontaneous or planned, engage employees and enhance performance. Engaged employees deliver results.

  1. Employee engagement begins when you stop giving answer and start asking questions. Your knowledge is dangerous when it motivates others look to you for answers. Your knowledge, on the other hand, enables you to craft wise questions that lead others to find their own insights. You heighten engagement by engaging others.
  2. Coaching shifts you from focusing on problems and opportunities to thinking about the way others think. Coaching-managers realize people not processes and procedures deliver results. Focus on them while they focus on issues.
  3. You decide less they decide more. Manager-coaches help people think their own way through challenges, choices, and opportunities.
  4. Stop listening to solve. Manager-coaches give responsibility rather than taking it.
  5. The greatest quality of a manger-coach is curiosity expressed in open ended questions.

The shift to coaching is deceptively easy to explain but counter intuitive to execute. The authors of, “Coaching for Engagement,” believe shifting from listening to solve to listening to ask questions is the hardest challenge you face.

Four wins for manager-coaches.

  1. Better working relationships.
  2. Creative ideas and innovation.
  3. Less work for you as employees take initiative.
  4. Opportunity to invest in the development and growth of others.


This post is inspired by and based on my conversation with Bob Hancox and Russell Hunter.

What have you learned about effectively coaching employees?