Five Ways to Fill Others with Courage

I wanted to make a difference when I was a teenager but lacked courage.

Encourage means to fill with courage. You have the power to give courage to others. You also have the power to drain people’s courage, to discourage.

The hardest thing about my nearly fatal accident isn’t the pain and recovery. It’s the anguish I caused others. You never want to put your spouse, family, and friends through what I put mine through. You want to lighten the load others carry, not add to it.

The dance of courage:

Since my accident, many are encouraged by my reentry into social media and blogging. The power to give begins with receiving; it’s sustained when we give back.

We learn to love by being loved. We learn to serve by being served. Someone pours from their cup into ours and the dance of courageous action begins.

Last night, friends brought dinner over. Thankfully, they ate with us. There’s been a parade of people like them. They pour from their cup into ours. They give us courage.

Lolly Daskal, Becky Robinson, and Jesse Lyn Stoner are pouring into my cup. They wanted to encourage and decided to help meet the financial need that exceeds our insurance coverage. They give us courage.


Encouraging others is incredibly easy.

  1. Understand the dreams of others. Leadership begins with understanding and accepting the dreams of others.
  2. See the strengths in others rather than persistently working to improve weaknesses. Inordinate desire to improve things may create negativity. Spend more time focused on strengths.
  3. Speak hopefully. All great leaders are always realistically optimistic. If you don’t think others can rise up to meet challenges, get out of leadership.
  4. Serve others by helping them reach their dreams.
  5. When possible, meet a need.

Discouraging others is incredibly easy.

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Say nothing.
  3. Be negative.

How can you fill others with courage, today?

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