Five Ways to Find Your Future

The past is the future for most of us.

We cling to misguided notions that persistence, endurance, and more of the same will result in a new future. It won’t.

99% of the conversations I have about the future are actually about the past. People try to create a future by cling to or modifying the past.

Frequently, the future is turning back to distant “glory days.” It’s futile.

Memories without dreams are anchors.

The future is made by those who face forward, not backward. Stand on your glory days, don’t repeat them.

Finding your future:

  1. Stop defining yourself by past methods, accomplishments, and behaviors. In a turbulent world, methods that are moral imperatives destroy the future.
  2. Your future is about people not projects or accomplishments. Current relationships tend to maintain stability; new relationships disrupt. Treasure both.
  3. Get into social media; meet people succeeding where you want to succeed. (Becky Robinson thinks it can be done 12 minutes at a time)
  4. Face timidity with small steps. 70% certainty is enough.
  5. Systematically build your new future alongside your old present. Once your future is strong enough, fully embrace it.

Point of stability:

Focus on your values. Creating a new future is disruptive and disorienting. Determine three or four guiding ideals. Without them, you’re adrift.

Values guide-as-you-go without determining destinations.


  1. Who do you want to be?
  2. What is your current legacy? What do you wish it was?
  3. How can you step toward your preferred future, today?
  4. How are you most useful to others?
  5. What will you let go?
  6. How must you develop?


Your future begins when you own it. While creating your new future you’ll be tempted to blame others for your disappointing present. That thinking destroys your future. Stop blaming others for the choices you’ve made.

With 2012 peeking at us, how can leaders take steps to create the future?