The World’s Cheapest Simplest Leadership Development System


We’ve all been there. We get fired up at a conference only to run out of steam a few days later. Regardless of how good, training won’t stick on its own.

Leaders aren’t developed with occasional seminars and sporadic  training. But, who has the time and who can afford it?

Free simple option:

Jeffery Norris, the Director of Admission & Data Services at Rhodes College sent me this note:

“At Rhodes our VP of Enrollment and Communications, Carey Thompson, has us (his four directors) subscribe and read your blog daily. This has proven to be very valuable to the way in which we lead our respective offices. We now bring our insights to our weekly directors meeting and each week a different director presents the “Freak of the Week.” We have the opportunity to talk about which of your posts taught us the most in the previous week. We have only been doing this for a few weeks, but it has already helped me learn more about how my peers lead differently than me. This has opened up insightful conversations that were never there prior to this.” (Used with permission)

Thanks Jeffery for a great note!

Freak of the Week:

I love Freak of the Week. Successful systems are simple; complexity fails. There’s deep value in persistent focus and systematic conversation.


Jeffery’s note suggests the surprising benefit of learning how fellow team members lead.

Would this work for volunteer boards of community or religious organizations?


What simple system or free tools are you using to develop your leaders?


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