The Richest Possible Life

I went to a wedding yesterday. I sarcastically say, “I hate weddings.” In reality weddings are reunions.

I know everyone in today’s image, except one. As they gathered for the shot, I started realizing I’d influenced all of them either directly or indirectly. I’ve spent hours with several. In other cases we went on a few walks. Still others listened while I taught.

This group represents many others I’ve been fortunate to influence over the years.


Don’t think I’m tooting my own horn.

These people make my life richer. They add more value to me than I add to them.

I see four men and one woman in this group, for example, who drove two and half hours to visit me after my nearly fatal accident.

Several have moved on or moved away. Many are current or emerging leaders in their organizations. Most are giving back to their communities, some in profound ways.


Don’t think everything you do for others works as you plan. There are varying degrees of connection and influence represented in this wedding image. Some loved something I said or did – others …

Most importantly, give yourself. Could you do better? Always. However:

Everyone loses when “I’m not good enough”
becomes the reason you do nothing.

You have something to give – an experience, a lesson learned, support, a listening ear – to everyone, regardless of who they are.

Honor your best self by giving it to others.


Seek the highest good of others without making demands.

Every high profile leader I’ve interviewed tells stories of people who helped them along their way. There’s always someone – usually many – who enhanced their lives.

What if you develop someone who leaves your organization? Some will. Good for them and good for you.

You don’t plan it but the people you enrich … enrich you.

Can you help us think of ways leaders can seek the highest good of others?

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