The Rest of the David-Goliath Story

David versus Goliath is the quintessential story of winning in the face of insurmountable challenges.

Most know the story of the shepherd boy, with a sling and stone, who defeated the mighty warrior. You may not know the rest of the story.

When David – the shepherd boy – arrived in military camp he was bringing food for his brothers. He was a young errand boy with a girly fanny pack, at best.

He saw the giant – insurmountable obstacle – and volunteered to take him on. But, they laughed him off. He was young. He wasn’t trained or experienced.

Lesson one: Great ideas come from unexpected people.

The trained military recruits, including the king, tried to equip David with the best military technology available.

Lesson two: Those who aren’t doing anything love to tell others how to do something.

David tried their suggestions but knew they wouldn’t work. He tossed away current technology and faced the giant with a shepherd’s sling and stone. He did it all wrong.

Lesson three: Bring yourself to the challenge.

David succeeded in spite of those who tried to “transform” him. Warren Bennis said, “Becoming a leader is synonymous with becoming yourself.”

There is, of course, a faith component in the story. The principles stand none the less.