Life Lessons from Amy Lyman, Co-Founder of Great Place to Work®

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I asked Amy Lyman, co-founder of the Great Place to Work® Institute, what she would do differently if she could start over.

She said, “I would not do anything differently as I don’t think about my life and work in that way. What I do try to do is think about how to go forward, taking the lessons I’ve learned along the way to make my life better and the lives of others better.”

5 life lessons from Amy Lyman:

  1. Go forward in life with confidence that what you have chosen to do is valuable to the world at large and important to you personally.
  2. Take time to choose wisely. Pursue a career or way of life at a reasonable pace that enables you to enjoy being alive.
  3. Treat people with respect and fairness, without manipulation or deception, so that you are always able to look people in the eye.
  4. Share the joys and burdens of work with your colleagues and co-workers, and when you have the opportunity to do so, share the rewards as well – fairly and equitably. From my many years of work with people in great workplaces in which relationships are built on trust, I’ve seen again and again the power of shared burdens and shared rewards.
  5. Pursue happiness – our time on earth is brief in the grand scheme of things and a bigger car, bigger house or corner office pale in comparison to being happy.

My favorite:

When I hear Amy say, “Go forward in life with confidence…,” The words, “believe you matter,” bounce in my head. Stop trying to matter and know you do. Now, go do what matters.

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Which of Amy’s life lessons gets traction in your thinking? Why?

What life lessons do you frequently share?