Winning in Collaborative Environments


Competition limits potential when it blocks collaboration.

I love competition. But, I’m wondering about the damage it causes within teams. Don’t expect competitors to collaborate.

Would you help a teammate beat you? What if the winner receives a raise or bonus and you don’t?


Leaders don’t compete against team members. “We” environments leverage diversity. “I/you” environments build protective self-preservation.

Leaders help others win.

Two assumptions:

The first rule of winning is defining it. Helping others win assumes you know what winning looks like.

Second, helping others win assumes you know what helps.

Two questions:

Build the team by asking two questions:

How can I help you win?

How can you help me win?

Team mates always, unreservedly help each other win.

Two statements:

Make serving observable. Complete these statements with each member of your team.

I help you win when I ….

You help me win when you …

Collaborators help each other win.

How can leaders help others win?

What helps you win?