When Stepping Up Blows Up


Accepting challenges lifts careers. But, holding on to them destroys. Learn to challenge others as well as challenging yourself.

Raise your hand and say, “I’ll take that on.” New challenges are opportunities. Challenges that lift careers include:

  1. Initiatives that impact large segments of organizations. Let others handle departmental challenges. Take on organization-wide opportunities.
  2. Projects others hate. If you can’t find an organization-wide initiative, tackle projects others avoid.
  3. Assignments that require teams. Individual performance is good; results through teams are better.
  4. Community outreach. Head-up giving-back efforts. Philanthropy opens doors. Connect with internal and community leaders.

Accept challenges bigger than yourself. But, share the load or fail. Those good at accepting challenges may be lousy at delegating challenges. Prepare to crash and burn if you can’t share the load.

Delegate – Elevate – Perpetuate

Delegate in ways that elevate performance. Challenge; don’t protect or coddle. Expect team mates to step-up.

Passion to excel motivates you to take on challenges. Career making moments arrive when you feel you’ve taken on too much. Do you pull back and protect or perpetuate success by expecting others to perform?

Stepping up, eventually destroys those who can’t call others to step up.

Has your passion to get ahead or help others caused you to take on too much? Now what?

What suggestions help those good at accepting challenges but weak at giving them?

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