Why HR Sucks and How to Fix It

Human Resources

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My worst experience with HR is a broken confidence. She smiled and listened and within an hour violated my trust.

Human Resource personnel are among the most criticized people in business.

HR is criticized for:

  1. Treating humans as resources.
  2. Not understanding positions they’re filling.
  3. Managing paper better than people.
  4. Subservience to policy and procedure.
  5. Defensive, CYA postures.
  6. Lack of operational experience.
  7. Working for the C-Suit, not the people.

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New potential:

HR matters because people matter.

“I don’t know about you, but I love HR.” Dr. Vik (Doc) in “The Culture Secret.”

They are underrated, over-criticized, and underutilized. Jack Welch believes the head of HR should enjoy equal standing with Chief Financial Officers.

New focus:

Doc says, change the name from Human Resources to Human Empowerment (HE). The job of HE is, “Maximizing human potential.” Doc goes on to say, “HE could be the single biggest champion of your companies Culture.

New ideas for HE:

  1. Focus more on development.
  2. Become more human. Since when does serious work prohibit smiling?
  3. Sit in the seats of workers and do their jobs.

More on Facebook (3/5/13).

Doc adds:

HE includes personal life. Enrich employee’s lives and they’ll be better employees. Hire a coach. Doc was the Coach at Zappos for five years. He helped employees sort out issues before they erupted. HR loved him.

HE delivers fun. Change the image of HR by taking charge of organizational celebrations.

HE attends team and department meetings to connect, not to police.

Read more in Doc’s book, “The Culture Secret.”

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What small steps could transform HR to Human Empowerment?