8 Secrets to Eliminating Negativity

stairs going down

One bad experience outweighs one good. A gallon of bad weighs more than a gallon of good.

Setbacks shout; success whispers.

You overemphasize what went wrong and minimize what went right. Down is easier than up.

Small setbacks increase frustration
more than small successes enhance satisfaction.

One negative defeats one positive. It’s worse! One negative defeats two positives. It takes three positives to off-set one negative. It takes 2.9013 gallons of positive to sweeten one gallon of negative.*

One gallon of positive won’t sweeten one gallon of negative.

Now you know why negative environments are easy.

Boats with holes:

There’s a hole in your boat. Bad experiences gush in; good experiences jump ship.

Cling to the good. Eliminate the bad
before it sinks you.

Thank more. Cheer more. Pat on the back more, much more.

Plugging holes:

When boats are sinking you can bail like hell or plug the damn hole! Preventing one bad creates more buoyancy than appreciating one good because bad outweighs good.

Do more good by eliminating one bad.

  1. Eliminate negative employees.
  2. Remove obstacles. Organizations create hoops, sign offs, and regulations that make work harder. Ask, “What’s slowing you down?” When you find out, remove it or smooth the way.
  3. Stop belittling. Work that isn’t valued isn’t meaningful.
  4. End frustrations. Explore frustrations with employees, don’t ignore them, end them.

Throw out bad – good comes back.

Still more:

  1. Focus on progress constantly. You’re falling behind if you don’t. Better wins.
  2. Transform setbacks into progress by making them learning events.
  3. Respect. Welcome ideas, for example. Don’t dismiss suggestions, explore them. Off handed rejection belittles.
  4. Agree on outcomes then let go. Freedom energizes; control drains.

The pursuit of excellence is fueled by positive environments.

Positive environments aren’t accidents, leaders build them.

Eliminate bad.

Shout the good.

Whisper correction.

* Research on the bad outweighs good.

How can leaders counteract the pull of negative gravity?