How Need to Succeed Holds Back


The up side of the need to succeed is hard work and passion.

The down side of the need to succeed is it blocks lasting achievment. Needy leaders choose short-term success over medium or long-term wins.

Needy leaders:

  1. Make fear based decisions based on protecting themselves.
  2. Hold back others rather than release.
  3. Manipulate to achieve objectives.
  4. Worry too much about what others think and not enough about what they think.
  5. Lower the bar to assure success.

The need for success is like searching for diamonds and coming back with rocks.

Worst danger:

Leaders who need to succeed live in a world of scarcity. Their need to win suggests your need to lose.

The need for personal success
prevents leaders from helping others succeed.
But, leadership is about others.

Leadership is about what you get others to do.

7 ways to overcoming the need to succeed:

  1. There’s neediness in all of us. Admit it.
  2. Set people goals along with project goals.
  3. Trust yourself. Show up and let others see you. (Inspired by Brene’ Brown)
  4. Think about the way you’re thinking. Does it create an enduring meaningful future?
  5. Believe progress on a noble mission is better than success on a small mission. Succeeding suggests you reached too low.
  6. Shift from need to succeed to need to achieve, serve, and make a difference. Achievement is a journey. Success is a mythical destination.
  7. Be willing to go slow at first. Develop others. The need for speed pushes others out. It’s just easier to do it yourself. Patience is love; impatience hatred.

How does the need for success hinder leaders?

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