Promoted Now What


Self-doubt is a gift in small doses; in large doses devastating. Fear paralyzes new managers and makes them look foolish.

Face doubt with courage.

Doubt, used well, opens the mind.

Courage and open minds:

First, believe that others believe in you. You earned your new role. It wasn’t a fluke.

Second, believe the people who promoted you are allies. They look good when you succeed.

Third, know that inviting input, including others, and welcoming feedback, coupled with decisive execution, make you look strong not weak.

I asked James daSilva, what he was glad he did, when he was promoted to senior editor at SmartBrief. (He was promoted from within, His role includes managing former co-workers.)

On clones and getting things done:

“I’ve tried, I think, to set a tone of “This is what needs to get done (and you probably know that). How can I help us get there?” and let that drive my leadership, rather than trying to make people behave like me, which would frankly be insane.”

Never assume what works for you works for others.

As long as their way works, use and affirm it.

Community without ultimatums:

“I’m also glad that I make the effort to have and encourage casual conversations across and within departments. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to get to know others, to toss around ideas, and to make sure you advocate for your people — building awareness and community without mandates or ultimatums.”

Teams are communities built on conversation.

Talk with not at.

Resources for the newly promoted:

Connect with James on twitter: @SBLeaders

From Bud to Boss, by Kevin Eikenberry and Guy Harris

The Next Level, by Scott Eblin

What advice do you have for newly promoted managers and leaders?