Stop Encouraging Discouraged Team Members

It’s easy to ignore motivated team members. They don’t need encouragement.

Eventually, everyone’s tank runs dry.

Discouragement is natural, normal, and inevitable. Why wait for it to happen?

encourage before needed


Successful leaders fuel fires before they go out.


The path downward is unnoticed and slow. You turn around and a top contributor is discouraged. It didn’t happen overnight.

The universal law of the universe is you can’t take out more than you put in, for very long. Successful leaders constantly pour into others.

Results go down when discouragement goes up.


We had scheduling issues so I didn’t meet with my leadership team this week.

Here’s the agenda:

  1. Discussion: How much responsibility should we take for the encouragement of the team?
  2. How can we monitor emotional states?
  3. Which of us is best at sensing how people feel? How can we leverage their strength?
  4. What can we do when someone seems discouraged? (specifically)
  5. Why do we wait until someone is discouraged before we encourage them? (specifically)
  6. How can we encourage before discouragement happens?
  7. Which team members are making significant contributions right now?
  8. How can we encourage top contributors, whether they need it or not?

It doesn’t take much to keep good people at the top of their game. But, it takes a heck of a lot to re-energize a de-energized person. What are you waiting for? You know the dip’s coming.

Stop encouraging discouraged team members. Catch them before they fall.

Encourage people before they need encouragement.

Dark clouds:

Every organization has some dark-cloud people in it. Are you pouring too much energy into them while neglecting top contributors?

How many things have to happen to
you before something occurs to you?

Robert Frost

Suggests on Facebook: “Best ways to encourage the discouraged include ________.”

Do you have any input on the questions I planned to ask my team?