3 Ways to Bring the Dead to Life

Life without passion is going through the motions like the walking dead.

Remember your own passionless days. Not pretty!

Shift your thoughts to colleagues and teammates. Do they have empty eyes and hanging hands?

Compassion is the first step toward igniting passion.


5 reasons passion dies:

  1. Ignored. You felt a spark of energy and ignored it. Now there’s just smoke.
  2. Belittled. Someone laughed when you said what you really cared about.
  3. Low confidence. You wonder, who am I to make a difference?
  4. False humility. Fear of losing face keeps you from expressing what really matters.
  5. Too busy. Passion dies when life is filled with trivialities. Those who can’t say no, lose passion.

Killing passion:

Passionate leaders are deadly when they pressure people to be something they aren’t.

Passion is about them, not you.

Igniting passion:

Successful leaders get passionate about the passion of others.

Pressuring people to adopt your passion creates resistance. Tapping into their passion creates energy.

3 ways to bring the dead to life:

  1. Watch for the light to come on in their eyes. Tell them when they light up. Ask, what’s making you excited?
  2. Watch for glazed eyes and low energy. Tell them when you see their energy decline. Ask what’s happening?
  3. Help people do more of what they love. Passion doesn’t find you. You find it.

5 questions to passion:

  1. Where’s the joyful yes?
  2. If you had the power to fix one problem in our organization, what would your fix? Why?
  3. If you could solve any problem for your organization, what problem would you solve?
  4. How would you like life to be better for others?
  5. If you could give yourself a title what would it be?

Following passion is energy, focus, direction, motivation, and fulfillment all in one.

How might leaders help others find passion?

How do leaders destroy passion in others?