One Response to Ten Dangers Leaders Face

Every leader wonders if its worth the struggle, from time to time. Only the naive make light of the difficulties ahead. Washouts line the shore.

The greatest dangers lie within.

stranded ship

10 Dangers Leaders Face:

  1. Facing disappointment without growing bitter or vengeful. People will let you down. You put yourself on the line for them, and they drop the ball.
  2. Believing you’re more important than others – loving the spotlight.
  3. Feeling like you deserve better. Having people assume you have selfish motives, for example.
  4. Needing to be right.
  5. Pushing forward when it’s time to pull back. Perseverance has a dark side.
  6. Choosing to defend your ideas rather than explore theirs.
  7. Navigating backstabbers, butt-kissers, and yes-men. They can’t be trusted because self-interest, rather than organizational interest, dominates their approach. They tell you what you want to hear.
  8. Making tough decisions that invite negative responses.
  9. Repeating the past. If everyone was like you and circumstances didn’t change, you could succeed by repeating the past.
  10. Thinking knowledge and experience, in one area, makes you knowledgeable in others. Healthy confidence becomes blind foolishness.

Bonus: Fatigue makes you dumb.

One response:

Humility, above all other qualities, knows how to navigate perilous seas. But, humility is easily admired from afar.

The biggest challenge of humility is no one humbles you. You humble yourself.

The only way to humble yourself is to practice humility.

7 questions to practice humility:

  1. How can you make others look good?
  2. How can you take responsibility?
  3. How can you connect?
  4. How can you serve?
  5. How can you be better?
  6. How can you remain open?
  7. How can you address the concerns of others?

Every time you step into dangerous seas, ask,  “If I was a humble leader, what would I do?”

What dangers do leaders face?

What inner qualities enable leaders to navigate the dangers ahead?