10 Ways to Say the Right Thing Every Time

Powerless is a myth. Something as simple as a raised eyebrow has the power to influence.

If leadership is influence, everyone leads. The issue is where.


Destruction is easier and faster than construction.

Destruction is casual. Construction requires intention.

When you remember that bad is five times stronger than good, the need to be intentionally positive is all the more necessary.


Words are tools of influence.

At the beginning, you say things you need to say. As time passes, you learn to say what others need to hear.


It only takes two words to be a person of influence.

Two words that deflate:

  1. You’re screwed.
  2. Who cares?
  3. You lose.
  4. Big deal.

Two words that move the agenda forward:

  1. Why wait?
  2. What’s next?
  3. What else?
  4. Do it.

Two words when things go wrong:

  1. It happens.
  2. Forgive me.
  3. Let go.
  4. Don’t quit.
  5. I understand.
  6. Move on.
  7. I’m listening.

Two words when things go right:

  1. Thank you.
  2. Great job.
  3. Love it.

Two words that challenge:

  1. Reach higher.
  2. Try again.
  3. Go large.
  4. Think again.

Everyone leads.

Words matter.

You influence.

Be intentional.

10 ways to saying the right thing every time:

  1. Be soft when communication is hard.
  2. Always speak to make things better.
  3. Imagine you’re the person you’re speaking to.
  4. Speak to older people like they’re your parents.
  5. Speak to younger people like they’re your brothers and sisters.
  6. Seek feedback on your communication style and effectiveness.
  7. Practice important communications with trusted colleagues.
  8. Dial back strong emotion.
  9. Craft words that invite desired responses.
  10. Exercise courtesy. Good manners matter most when you feel like ignoring them.

What high impact two-word phrases can you use today?

What rules for saying the right thing do you suggest?

*Facebook fans created a list of high impact two-word phrases.

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