Four Ways “S” Expands Leadership

A word without an “s” imposes a burden.

“What is the solution,” limits options and inflicts unnecessary pressure.

“What solutions can we develop,” expands and releases.


#1. “S” expands leadership by ending the need for perfection.

Expand your world by adding “s” to:

  1. Option.
  2. Suggestion.
  3. Approach.
  4. Recommendation.
  5. Method.
  6. Choice.
  7. Decision.
  8. Alternative.
  9. Solution.
  10. Path.
  11. Way.
  12. Insight.
  13. Perspective.
  14. Answer.
  15. Viewpoint.

Search for answers, not the answer.

#2. “S” expands leadership by transforming pressure to exploration.

Asking for advice:

 “What advice do you have?” is narrow, even oppressive. You end up arguing against the person you approached if you don’t like their advice.

 “What options do we have?” invites conversation. You end up exploring ideas rather than defending positions.


 Poor decisions are the result of too little exploration and too few options.

Good decisions require at least two or three options.

#3. “S” expands leadership by protecting against failure.

5 questions:

  1. How many ways can we define this problem?
  2. How many solutions can we find?
  3. Can we think of other options?
  4. What suggestions can you offer?
  5. Which paths seem most attractive?

Don’t let the first suggestion be the last. Ask, “What other perspectives can you think of?”

#4. “S” expands leadership by expanding thinking.

How might you use “s” to expand your leadership?