7 Payments to Passion

The trouble with passion is the cost. Telling people to follow their passion is irrelevant in a world where they actually do.

The deeper question isn’t what’s your passion, it’s what are you willing to pay.

passion in action

Passion is good, even essential, but it takes more than passion to succeed.

7 payments to passion:

  1. Failure. The possibility of painful failure is the price of passion. Those unwilling to pay fade into oblivion.
  2. Investment. Passion gives energy but it also demands energy. Invest your energy in your passion and it gives energy in return. Neglect passion and energy declines.
  3. Restriction. The more passionate you are the narrower you become. The opportunity of passion is it’s power to enable “No” with clarity and conviction. Lack of focus destroys passion.
  4. Action. Action fuels passion like gas fuels fire. The more action you take the hotter passion grows. Apart from action, passion turns into frustration and eventually depressing ambivalence.
  5. Approval. When you act on passion, friends try to fuel or cool your passion. Many are perfectly content to let others waste life.
  6. Control. Passionate people are control freaks.
  7. Trust. The price of taking passion to the next level is building a team – trusting others. The roadblock to trust is the conviction that others don’t have as much passion as you.

Passion is good but _______ is better:

  1. Grit.
  2. Commitment.
  3. Integrity.
  4. Action.
  5. Character.
  6. Purpose.
  7. Dedication.
  8. Tenacity.
  9. Persistence.
  10. Discipline.

Passion makes the previous list relevant. Thanks to Facebook fans for filling in the blank. More on the Leadership Coffee Shop.

Lots of people want something but only those willing to pay move toward getting it. Those who refuse to pay grow frustrated.

Anger is paralyzed passion that won’t pay the price of responsibility.

Passion, when put into action, offends mediocrity.

What does passion cost?