10 Ways to Rise and Thrive After Disappointment

The disappointments of the sincere destroy them.

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The worst thing you can do with disappointment is live with it.

5 disappointment traps:

  1. Self-evaluation based on ambiguous standards. You’re not sure what you wanted. All you know is it feels like you didn’t get it.
  2. Losing yourself to the opinions of others. The pleaser in you seldom finds solace in the approval of others.
  3. Self-importance. Secret desires for admiration disquiet the soul.
  4. Unrealistic expectations. Trying to control others, for example.
  5. Personalizing poor performance. “I’m a loser.”

10 ways to rise above disappointment:

  1. Reconnect with heart. Behind disappointment is frustrated passion. Allow disappointment with yourself to clarify what’s in your heart. What contribution do you want to make?
  2. Realize you’ve been here before. Own your personal dark hole.
  3. Repeat behaviors that align with values and move toward achievable goals. Make it simple. Ask two questions before making suggestions, for example.
  4. Realign focus. Focus on giving more than getting. Receiving is healthy. My friend Bob Burg taught me not to be attached to it.
  5. Release arrogance. The thing that makes leaders important is service.
  6. Respond with purpose. Disappointment is a fog that obscures purpose. Leaders without purpose are lost. Why are you here? Develop a personal mission statement.
  7. Reaffirm potential. You aren’t the mistakes you make. You made progress before. With work, you’ll make progress again.
  8. Redevelop friendships. Disappointments invite you to pull back or attack. Pull down walls instead. Connect with someone who is passionate to grow.
  9. Readjust expectations. Feeling let down after pouring yourself into something is normal. Take a breather. You aren’t a super-hero.
  10. Reject criticisms from constant critics. Smile. Thank them for their feedback. Move on. I’m talking about those people who don’t respect your strengths. All they see is your weakness. Never allow constant complainers to distract you from noble goals.

How can leaders deal with disappointment?

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