People Can’t See Your Heart When You’re Lost in Your Head

I can not notice people. I want to notice, but I’m easily distracted.

People can’t see your heart, when you’re lost in your head.

It doesn’t matter if you want to notice people. It only matters that you do.

Distraction blocks interaction.

I walk around distracted by a million things – what’s next, problems, opportunities, and performance, to name a few. I’m contemplating a coaching client’s concerns or the next presentation.

Remember you matter.

It’s easy to forget that people watch leaders. A frown on your face signals problems to the team. You may not mean to be a downer, but a nagging frown drags others down.

It ain’t hard, but it’s important.

People talk about simple things like smiling when they describe how leaders might improve their leadership.

You object that you’re not good at smiling. That’s so sad.

Bad is stronger than good. You need at least three smiles to overcome the negative impact of one frown. You’re in the hole baby. You better get smiling.

3 tips for frowning leaders to get their smile on.

  1. Tell yourself you like people. Think of something you like about the person in front of you. If you don’t like people, get out of leadership.
  2. Find a positive thing to believe in. What positive thing might you believe about others on the team?
  3. Admire a strength. When you walk up to someone, think about something you admire about them.

A smile that creates wrinkles around your eyes indicates that you notice positive things.

7 small things that make a positive difference.

  1. Smile.
  2. Show interest. “How are the kids?”
  3. Pat on the back.
  4. Bring coffee for the team.
  5. Celebrate progress and hard work.
  6. Sing happy birthday.
  7. Say thank you. (A smile and a little eye contact takes ‘thank you’ to a whole new level.)

What tips might you offer to frowners?

What small behaviors have big impact?