16 Signs You’re a Toxic Leader

The trouble with toxic leaders is they’re deadly and don’t know it. But if the truth be told, every leader smells at least a little.

Every time toxicity gets its way, organizations lose.

  1. If you’re easily offended, you’re toxic.
  2. If you seldom return favors, you’re toxic.
  3. If you talk about yourself most of the time, you’re toxic.
  4. If you constantly complain about others, you’re toxic.
  5. If you feel that people are always picking on you, you’re toxic. Toxic people feel like victims.
  6. If you’re jealous of those who succeed, you’re toxic.
  7. If your ideas are always the “best” ideas, you’re toxic.
  8. If you can’t remember the last time you said, “I was wrong,” you’re toxic.
  9. If you feel personal validation when others fail, you’re toxic.
  10. If you seek advice but explain why it won’t work, you’re toxic.
  11. If you expect people to read your mind, you’re toxic.
  12. If you’re a complainer or blamer, you’re toxic.
  13. If conversations are contests with winners and losers, you’re toxic.
  14. If your sentences usually begin with, “No,” “But,” and “That’s not right,” you’re toxic.
  15. If the good ole days are the best days, you’re toxic.
  16. If you love to give feedback, but you never seek feedback, you’re toxic.

Good people can’t bring their best when they’re dancing around toxic leaders.

Toxic leaders never maximize the talent of others.

Most people want good for themselves and benefit to others. Toxic leaders want good for themselves, but have no room for others.

How would you complete, “If you … , you’re toxic.”