4 Ways Weakness is Advantage

Strength usually takes you further than weakness but pretending you have it all together limits opportunity and potential.

Strength-based leadership is no excuse to ignore the benefits of weakness.

Get over yourself. You don’t have it all together and you don’t do all things well.

Leaders “without” weakness:

  1. Lose touch with reality.
  2. Look down on others when they should look up to them.
  3. Close their minds to development opportunities.
  4. Disconnect with authentic people.
  5. Experience frustration when they should be seeking help.
  6. End up feeling isolated.
  7. Hinder teamwork.

Acknowledge your weakness so you can leverage it for success.

4 ways weakness is advantage:

#1. Weakness is protection.

Weakness tells you what you shouldn’t do.

If you’re the idea person, for example, chances are you desperately need organizers on your team. Creatives, in order to succeed, must embrace and celebrate limits, systems, and structure. But organization frustrates creatives.

Embrace people with strengths that expand you, even if they frustrate you.

“Let’s just get going. We’ll figure it out,” doesn’t work for planners and organizers.

#2. Weakness opens your heart to receive help.

Receiving help expands your life and leadership.

Leaders who reject help:

  1. Minimize the strength of others.
  2. Limit their potential.

Those who receive help go further than those who work alone.

#3. Weakness helps you honor strength in others.

Honoring strength in others affirms that others fulfill a purpose. Fulfilling a purpose enhances meaning. Meaning provides direction and energy. In brief…

Your weakness lets others know they matter.

#4. Weakness is a channel for connection.

Weakness makes you tolerable to the rest of us. But you are less trustworthy when you pretend you have it all together.

Don’t whine about your weakness – celebrate strength in others.

When you honor strength in others you attract talented people.

When is weakness a disadvantage?

When is weakness an advantage?