The Dreamer’s Dilemma is Dissatisfaction

Constant dissatisfaction sucks the life out of frustrated Dreamers. You can’t find energy and fulfillment and live in constant dissatisfaction.

You’re not a leader if nothing is ever good enough. You’re an unhappy tyrant or a defeated isolationist. It might sound like hearsay, but some things ARE good enough today. You can reach higher and go further tomorrow!

Dissatisfied dreamers:

Constant dissatisfaction turns into nagging unhappiness and persistent frustration.

Focus a little more on things you CAN do today and a little less time dreaming.

A bucket full of dreams dilutes your potential. You’re doomed if you dream big about tomorrow but can’t execute today.

Dreamer complaints:

  1. We don’t have the funds.
  2. We don’t have the right team.
  3. If we only had …

Frustrated Dreamers live in the land of make believe.

5 tips for Dissatisfied Dreamers:

#1. Live a little more in the present.

Hang on to your big dream with your heart, but keep your feet and hands busy in the present.

#2. Focus a little more on the process and a little less on the goal.

Unfulfilled dreams suck the life out of you if you can’t see a path forward.

#3. Frustration with imperfection is a smokescreen for excuses.

You want to go all-in but imperfection blocks the way. Stop poo-pooing imperfect ideas and imperfect people.

I wonder sometimes if Dreamers might hide behind imperfection. Dissatisfied Dreamers excuse failure by blaming imperfect people, circumstances, and ideas. Nothing’s quite good enough for Dissatisfied Dreamers, so they spin their wheels.

#4. Try your big dream in small ways.

Half-hearted pursuit is wholly dissatisfying. Whole-hearted pursuit is possible if you run a pilot program.

#5. Say, “Thank you,” a lot more.

How might dreams prevent progress?

How might Dreamers deal with their dissatisfaction?

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