Four Surprising Strategies that get You Promoted

#1. Prepare your replacement:

Work yourself out of a job before working into one. Train and enable your replacement so your transition upward is an easy choice.

The more essential you are the less effective you’ve become. If you’re indispensable where you are, you won’t move up. Your job is enabling and supporting others not making yourself indispensable.

#2. Adapt to your boss:

I just chatted with a VP of a large organization who said one reason he earns promotions is he adapts to his boss rather than working to change them. Its foolish to push against your boss.

Adapting isn’t playing dead. Adapting is learning from your current boss’s style and strengths.

#3. Have an empty cup:

Leaders are learners. People with full cups don’t have room to learn. Stop focusing on things you know, start focusing on things you don’t know.

#4. Learn people skills:

It’s likely you were hired for your technical expertise. Promotions, however, go to those who are good with people. If that’s offensive to you, you just revealed your problem.

Missing the mark:

Questions are one indicator of your success. The more questions you are asked the less others are prepared to act without you.

What are the reasons you were promoted?

What other strategies help people earn promotions?