20 Low Cost Rewards That Fuel Performance

I know pathetic managers who are so poor at noticing performance that their team simply tolerates them. In some cases these managers are threatened by the success of others. They are de-motivators.

Successful managers build morale, motivation and enthusiasm, by using low or no cost rewards that highlight performance.

Rewards let us know what we do matters.

Honoring high performance reinforces high performance.

Within limits, you get more of what you reward.  In a world of tight budgets here’s how to reward performance without breaking the bank.

20 Low or no cost rewards:

  1. Lunch with the boss.
  2. Public recognition.
  3. Bring them coffee.
  4. Say, “Thank-you.” Look into their eyes and say the words.
  5. Personal, positive feedback. Remember the 4 to 1 rule – at least four positives for every negative.
  6. A gift. The local Lion’s club gave me a bronzed Lion for speaking at their meeting. It sat on my desk for years. Give a pen set, brief case, clock, or other item for their office.
  7. Write a personal thank-you.
  8. Pizza party for the team.
  9. Send flowers to their spouse.
  10. A day off. Let them know if the high priority project is completed by Thursday they get Friday off.
  11. Tickets to a local event.
  12. Training.
  13. Unusual awards. Hewlett-Packard gives engineers that solve tricky problems the Golden Banana Award. It’s a great honor to receive it.
  14. Power to choose their next project.
  15. First choice on scheduling vacations.
  16. A new office chair, computer, or electronic device.
  17. Applause, a handshake, and a pat on the back.
  18. Meet the CEO.
  19. Cook lunch for the team and serve them.
  20. Flex time.

Warning: Don’t let your drive to achieve cause you to overlook progress.

What low or no cost rewards that fuel performance can you suggest?