How to Maximize Your Success by Aligning Behaviors with Intentions

You won’t get where you want to go until your behaviors consistently express your intentions.

If we could see your behaviors without your explanations, what would we think of you and your life-direction?

The project:

I’m asking a small group of selected leaders to evaluate my behaviors. I want them to let my behaviors explain where I’m going in life and leadership. For example, I might say I’m working on being positive. But, do my behaviors express my intention?

Their mission is to forget what I’m saying and “interpret me” by what I’m doing.

An essential element:

I mentioned this project to Bob Hancox, my coach from Tekara. He added this insight. “Not only will you learn about yourself, you’ll learn about their values.”

Bob’s comment reminded me that values-alignment determines the value of input and feedback. Listen intently to those with closely aligned values. There comes a point, however, when you can politely ignore input from people who don’t share your values.

Why this is important?

What you are doing speaks so loudly people can’t hear what you are saying. Maximum leadership-effectiveness demands clear alignment between intentions and behaviors. Live in ways that enable others to “get you”.

The truth:

You interpret yourself by your intentions; everyone else interprets you by what you do. You don’t see you like others see you.

The question:

If you could not explain your intentions, how would others interpret you?


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