10 Ways to become the Leader People Follow

Yesterday I met with two new leaders in my organization. It was a “get to know you” and a “where are you going” pow-wow.

At the end of our exchange I asked, “What did you get from our conversation?”

see their future

They replied, “You helped us have purpose during our first weeks of involvement. It’s just what we’ve been looking for.”

It’s strange but the words of Jim Quigley, the former global CEO of Deloitte, popped into my head, “People want to be led.”

People want to be led. But they don’t want:

  1. Bossy leaders.
  2. Selfish leaders.
  3. Pompous leaders.
  4. Verbose leaders.
  5. Fearful leaders.
  6. Negative leaders.
  7. Manipulative leaders.
  8. Self-protective leaders.
  9. Dishonest leaders.
  10. Inconsistent leaders.

People want leaders who:

  1. They trust will help them build their future.
  2. Listen to them.
  3. Understand them.
  4. Give opportunities for them to shine – who give credit rather than taking it.
  5. Set direction – who know where they’re going.
  6. Establish big targets and challenging goals.
  7. Give meaning to tasks by aligning them with bigger ideas.
  8. Create accountability.
  9. Let down their guard – approachable.
  10. Have focus, but aren’t hard-headed.

Bonus: People want leaders who can teach and be taught.

What type of leader would you follow?

How are you becoming the leader people want to follow?