Angry Leaders

Embrace the dark side. Don’t pretend it’s not there. Leaders are angry individuals. Think frustrated if it’s more comfortable.


I’m not talking about temper tantrums.

In addition, anger from leaders who feel powerless or trapped is dangerous. They lash out like caged animals and drive others away. Call this victim anger.

Wise leaders delays action when it comes to blow-ups.

Rule anger never let it rule you.

But, ruling isn’t pretending it’s not there.


Venting allows you to clear your mind.

  1. Go for a slow walk. They say you can’t stay mad and walk slow.
  2. Find a friend you can blow up with. Just let it all out.
  3. Chop down a tree or some other physical activity.
  4. Recent research suggests observing yourself cools the heat. Sit in the corner of the ceiling and watch yourself.

Venting anger is a useful preventative but useful expression is better.


Anger lies just under passion. Channeled anger fuels passion. Wanting things to be better includes, “I don’t like the way things are now.”

Sometimes anger points the way.

  1. Anger clarifies values; it tells you what’s important to you.
  2. Anger is useful when it emboldens action but destructive when it seethes and simmers.
  3. Anger says, “I don’t like this.” Listen, then do something.

It isn’t “if” you feel anger it’s “how” you respond.

Trust leaders who rule and channel anger; they rule themselves.


  1. Anger begins with what you don’t want. Cool down and rule anger by asking, “What do I want?”
  2. Anger often blames others; rule it by taking responsibility. “What could I do?”
  3. Talk through your anger with a friend who helps you find heart issues. “What’s important?”

Points of frustration from Facebook contributors:

  1. Wasted time.
  2. Feeling undervalued.
  3. No progress.
  4. Lack of integrity.

What do you do with your anger?

How can leaders help others deal with their anger?