How the Need for Fairness Destroys People

The need for fairness prevents
people in the middle from reaching the top.

Every organization of any size has slackers, drifters, and fence sitters. Top management should deal with them, but sometimes they don’t.

It’s not fair that you give 100% while they give 75%, or less. The need for fairness whispers in your ear,

“Why should you work harder than others?”

Don’t listen! Doing less is the path to mediocrity and self-defeat. The path to personal growth is taking on new responsibilities and challenges not shirking the ones you have.

Organizations that don’t reward hard
work, reward game-players and office politicians.

Continue working hard and seek new employment, transfer to another department, wait for the boss to die, but don’t become a drifter, whatever you do.

Politics vs. work:

Every successful leader understands and plays office politics, sometimes. I’m not talking about backstabbing and gossip. I’m talking about understanding the real organizational versus the official organizational chart, for example. On the other hand, hard work always applies.

Hard work:

Be the hardest worker in your office. Don’t destroy your health, neglect other responsibilities, or stay late every night. But, always bring it.

Reject the voice that says, “It’s not fair that you’re working harder than others.” Momma says, “Life isn’t fair.” She’s right. Overcome the self-defeating need for fairness.

How can people in the middle overcome the temptation to pull back because they’re working harder than others?