The Future is Cancelled – Getting it Back


The present you enjoy now was built yesterday. You’re building the future right now.

“Future is now. If you want to become a leader in 2020, then it is not what you do in the year 2020. It’s what you do today.” Vijay Govindarajan

Living in reverse:

Leaders who react to the past, without the future in mind, live in reverse.

Ask lack luster leaders what they want and they’ll tell you what they don’t want.

Complaining is safer and takes less
responsibility than dreaming.

Ask mediocre leaders what they like and they’ll tell you what they don’t like.

Dislike and dissatisfaction are the
only power of the helpless.

Powerful leaders know the present is a platform for the future.

Evaluate every daily decision by the future it builds.

People decisions with the future in view:

People, not circumstance, determine success. Surround yourself with future builders.

  1. Losers on your leadership team narrow the platform you’re building. Every time you dance around someone the future shrinks. Every energy drainer anchors you in the past. Everyone who isn’t rowing with rows against.
  2. What future are the people on today’s team capable of building? Look around and determine where teammates are going. Do you want to go there?
  3. Does your team display hope building, forward looking attitudes?

You’re tied together – yoked – with teammates like oxen pulling carts. Everyone ends up in the same place. Do you want to go there?

Development and the future:

Leadership development is future building. Sadly, most development is an attempt to solve something that happened in the past.

Determine the leadership attitudes and behaviors that build your future and develop them. More than that, demand them from everyone on the team.

Maintaining the present is preserving the past and canceling the future. The future vanishes quickly. Act now. It’s slipping away.

How can leaders become better future builders?

What future are you building today?

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