Why Old Leaders Drive Young Leaders Crazy

Old leaders think they know something today because they knew something yesterday. Knowledge closes their minds and limits their curiosity.

Young leaders look down their noses at old leaders and think, “Stop being set in your ways. Fear controls you!”

thinking you know

Young leaders feel superior to old leaders because technology is easy for them. Old leaders devalue the power of passion and vigor out of envy and fear.

Protecting what is:

Old leaders are so busy clinging to what they have that can’t reach for what could be. New ideas are threats not opportunities. Young leaders lose passion when old leaders say, “We’ve always done it that way.

Old leaders don’t realize the devastation of destroying youthful energy.

12 tips for old leaders:

  1. Jumping through hoops is a stupid strategy for keeping people in their place and out of your hair.
  2. Stop speaking for young leaders. Invite them to meetings and let them speak for themselves. (Prepare them for the lion’s den.)
  3. The good ole boys club is on it’s way out. Technology undermines exclusivity.
  4. Find ways to feel good about letting others try things. Why say, “No,” when you could say, “Yes.”
  5. Channel passion. Don’t block it. Energy is easily quenched.
  6. Stay curious. Thinking you know is deadly.
  7. Rushing to judgement devalues people.
  8. Your opinion creates conformity. Keep it to yourself longer. People tell you what you want to hear.
  9. Chill out with the suit and tie thing.
  10. Stop thinking you have to fix everything.
  11. Don’t hover and don’t stand aloof. Check-in once in awhile.
  12. Collaboration is the future. It’s dumb to say, “Don’t come to me with problems unless you have solutions.”  Explore options with others. Don’t sit back like a judge on high and make decisions from a distance.

Bonus: A good word from you ignites courage.

How can old leaders tap into the power and advantage of youth?