The Choice all Leaders Face

The future of organizations is in the growth of the people in them.

The more influence you have the more your growth is essential to the growth of your organization.

The choice all leaders face is grow or die.

growth of people

The number one quality of a growing leader is

they know they have to grow.

5 characteristics of growing leaders:

  1. Trust others. Go with their gut, not yours. But, never violate your values. A team made a decision that I “went along with.” Today, I see their wisdom.
  2. Challenge and enable current leaders to expand their impact.
  3. Step aside so others can step in. The more essential you are the effective you’ve become. Successful leaders slip off center-stage and the show goes on.
  4. Identify and develop future leaders.
  5. Surround yourself with people smarter than you.

4 essentials of leadership growth:

  1. Endorsement: the team sees and celebrates who you are and where you’re growing. Endorsement is permission to grow.
  2. Skill: the people around you have skills you don’t and won’t have. You are becoming the dumbest person in the room.
  3. Vulnerability: people know you’re still on the journey. You haven’t arrived.
  4. Mentors: you have a growing number of people who participate in your leadership journey, both inside and outside your organization.

Openness comes from knowing and acknowledging you aren’t there yet.

4 attitudes of growing leaders:

  1. Confidence with openness. Confidence open minds; arrogance closes them.
  2. Compassion with high expectation.
  3. Curiosity and decisiveness. Curiosity goes too far when decisions aren’t made.
  4. Pursuit with celebration. It’s OK to celebrate success as long as it fuels pursuit. Celebration isn’t about lethargy or arrival.

4 behaviors of growing leaders:

  1. More lift-up and less put-down.
  2. Press for decisions that impact behavior today.
  3. Transform frustrations into progress.
  4. Enable others to take action sooner.

How do you know you’re a growing leader?

How are you helping others grow?