10 Ways Leaders Increase Stress Unnecessarily

The way you think about yourself is the biggest factor in stress and productivity.

Stress isn’t “out there,” it’s inside you.


10 ways to increase stress:

  1. Hide mistakes.
  2. Pretend you know.
  3. Make excuses.
  4. Expect perfection.
  5. Ignore progress.
  6. Worry about image.
  7. Protect yourself.
  8. Fake it. Pretend you’re something you’re not.
  9. Grab the glory.
  10. Serve yourself.

Less stress:

A corporate leader said there’s freedom in approaching issues, challenges, and problems from a servant-leader prospective. You’re there to help not defend, protect, blame, or excuse.

Stress goes up when you focus on yourself.

Servant-leaders know their purpose is service, not power or position. Freedom is letting go of the need to be something you aren’t.

Higher productivity:

Servant-leaders focus attention and energy on solutions, not personal agendas. They ask, “What went wrong,” without feeling the need to blame others or hide mistakes. Servant-leaders explore ways to be better without feeling offended they weren’t good enough.

Productivity goes down as fear, politics, and personal agendas go up.

Every mistake you hide prolongs mediocrity.

If you want lower stress and increased productivity, walk into every situation saying to yourself, “I’m here to serve.”

What attitudes increase stress?

How does servant-leadership result in higher productivity?

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