How to Maximize Frailty

The frailty you hide is a door of opportunity, once it’s embraced. Covering frailty causes more frailty. Couples who pretend they’re happy grow unhappy.

Leaders who pretend they’re strong grow weak.

Leaders who reject frailty, their own and that of others, surround themselves with fakers and head-nodders.


Feigning strength or ignoring weakness doesn’t change it, it prolongs it.

Four powers of frailty:

  1. Frailty opens hearts to receive help. The facade of competence pushes others away. Receiving help lets others matter and bolsters humility in you. Leaders who reject help aren’t going very far.
  2. Frailty opens hands to give help. Those who feel frail are more eager to help than those pretending they aren’t. The poor are more generous than the rich, comparatively speaking.
  3. Frailty opens minds to new thoughts. New ideas begin with the weakness of not-knowing. Know-it-alls don’t grow. Not-knowing is the beginning of knowing.
  4. Frailty opens organizations to new opportunity. Disruption causes failure, failure motivates new behaviors.


The most important power of frailty is it’s power to instill humility. Arrogance builds walls, isolates, and prolongs frailty. Humility lowers barriers.

Connection, not isolation, produces growth, strength, and innovation.

Frailty is your friend as long as you don’t wallow, whine, or wilt in it. You are where you are today because you responded to frailty with hope, openness, and hard work. Frailty isn’t an excuse for failure – it’s the path to success.

Humility lets you try. Arrogance pretends you’re already there.

Only the journey that buckles your knees is worth the first step.

How can leaders deal with frailty?

How has frailty caused openness and humility in you?