7 Questions Control Freaks Should Start Asking Today

“Knock, knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Control freak. Now you say, “Control freak who?”

Raise the hand of the person beside you, if you’re a control freak.

You might be a control freak if:

  1. You reach for the wheel while riding in the passenger seat.
  2. The second item on your check list is, “Check off item #1.”
  3. You fall asleep with the TV remote in your hand.

My wife does the cooking in our family. In the past, I gave her advice on how she should cook. Now I stay out of the kitchen.

Bob Sutton rightly said that control freaks, “… will give you advice even when he has no expertise.”

Teams and control freaks:

Control freaks don’t thrive on teams. They often do all the work because no one else does it good enough. Or, they pull back and complain. Or, everyone else gets sick of them.

Trust and control freaks:

Control freaks justify their controlling nature by bringing up their negative experience with trusting others.

“I trusted someone back in ‘78 and they burned me. So now I have to be up in everyone’s business.”

7 questions control freaks could ask themselves:

  1. How are you helping others grow?
  2. Is this worth your time, attention, and energy (TAE)? Control freaks squander their talent by getting involved in trivialities.
  3. How much of your TAE is spent on things that AREN’T working?
  4. How might you choose personal growth and development when you feel like controlling others?
  5. How are you putting long-term organizational interests ahead of your own?
  6. How would you like people to interact with you?
  7. Do you want compliance, contribution, or commitment from others?

Bonus: How much do you like loneliness?

How might controlling leaders decide which things they should control and which they should let go?

How might being controlling be less of an all or nothing approach?