The Shamrock System – Plus, Minus, and Equal

Frank Shamrock is one of the most successful mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters of all time. He was named “Fighter of the Decade” for the 1990s by the Wrestling Observer.

The Shamrock development system* is Plus, Minus, and Equal.

A three-part system:

  1. Plus: learn from someone with more experience than you.
  2. Minus: teach someone with less experience than you.
  3. Equal: engage and connect with someone with the same experience as you.

#1. Plus:

Ego stands between you and meaningful success. You don’t have to be humble to succeed. But humility enables the enjoyment of success.

I watch leaders during presentations. The humble are note-takers.

When “OTHERS” is a bad thing:

  1. Thinking OTHERS need to learn, but not you.
  2. Worrying about changing OTHERS, more than yourself.
  3. Providing coaching and training for OTHERS, not yourself.

Learning is painful for arrogance and joyful for humility.

Practice humility by having a “Plus” in your life.

#2. Minus:

The teacher learns more than the student.

The practice of listening, asking questions, and sharing insights with a mentee/student is both humbling and confidence-building.

It’s confidence-building to have someone ask a question and listen to your answer. It’s humbling to care for people and listen deeply to their concerns.

The only thing more challenging than being ignored is being respected and listened to.

#3. Equal:

An equal:

  1. Calls your bull shit.
  2. Celebrates, without envy, your success.
  3. Challenges your thinking.
  4. Provides a “with”.

You can’t go far on your own. Everyone needs a “with.”

The grease:

Humility is the grease in the Shamrock system. Arrogance blocks meaningful success.

Ego blocks success in all three areas. For example, ego blocks connection and learning because it needs to prove it’s own greatness and envies the success of others.

Which aspect of Frank Shamrock’s development system might be most useful to you right now?

*Frank Shamrock explains his system on the James Altucher Show.