4 Ways to Develop the Mindset of a Leader

Skills, circumstances, opportunity, and the people on your team impact the results of your leadership. But mindset – habitual ways of thinking – effects everything about you.

Mindset governs the trajectory of your leadership.

New ways of thinking might develop slowly, but you can manage the things you think about.

Managing mindset:

Leading yourself begins with managing your mindset.

#1. Monitor self-talk.

When you aren’t paying attention to your thinking, what are you thinking about? Usually it isn’t good. A drifting mind ends up self-absorbed, dark, and disappointed.

Noticing patterns of thinking is the first step to getting a grip on mindset.

Tip: Notice when your mind wanders and call it back to a leadership mindset.

#2. Examine assumptions and beliefs.

Mindset reflects the beliefs you hold about yourself, others, and the world.

  1. What do you believe about your ability to improve your leadership?
  2. What are the best beliefs you have about the people on your team? Worst?
  3. What do you believe about your capacity to influence?

The way you experience the world is impacted by beliefs and beliefs impact mindset.

#3. Choose your leadership mindset.

What do you choose to set your mind on most of the time?

  1. Disappointment or opportunity?
  2. Problems or solutions?
  3. Lack or learning?

Tip: You naturally notice what’s wrong. Train yourself to also notice what’s working.

Shift your mindset from getting to giving. Ask yourself, what’s the highest value you bring to the people around you?

Project: Show up as an opportunity-thinker. Learn from disappointment and let it go. Opportunity-thinking is proactive and forward-facing.

Disappointment-thinking empowers the past to control the present.

#4. Examine conversational trajectory.

Listen to yourself talk. “Where are you going, based on your conversations?”

  1. What is the trajectory of the conversations you’re having?
  2. What is the trajectory of your team, based on the conversations around the table.

Words are rudders.

What is a leadership mindset?

How is a leadership mindset developed?

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