Why Return to the Office if You Can Do Your Job at Home

Only 10% of the people who can do their jobs at home want to go to the office five days a week.

About 50% of the current workforce can do their jobs from home, over 60 million people.

“Of those 60 million potential WFH employees, a staggering 30% said they would prefer to “never” come into the office during the week.” Gallup

Image of a giant eye in a tree.

It's easier to do the right thing when someone is watching.

Why return to the office if you can do your job at home:

#1. You pay attention.

Putting on real clothes instead of PJs helps you pay attention. Imagine what going to the office could do.

“Working from home increases your risk of making mistakes.” Daily Mail

#2. Creativity.

Strategic doses of solitude increase creativity. You might come up with a brilliant idea on a walk, for example. But the best way to generate great ideas is solitude AFTER you’ve generated ideas WITH others. Fast Company

One person suggests X. Another suggests Y. Before you know it you have A, Q, and Z.

#3. Accountability.

It’s easier to do the right thing when someone is watching. BBC

#4. Encouragement.

An encouraging zoom call is helpful. But real flesh and blood is better.

#5. Noticing.

People will forget you if they don’t see you. Recency Effect

Noticing is key to connecting, encouraging, and giving feedback.


Dedicate time to building vibrant office culture.

The most important thing about us is the way we treat each other while we do the work.

  1. Maximize the advantages of working face-to-face.
  2. Provide flexibility.
  3. Make time to connect with people. I miss people even though I see them on video conference.
  4. Provide face-to-face development and challenge.
  5. Have fun.

Reality check:

Some thrive working from home. There are many opportunities for them.

What would make an office culture worth returning to?