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Ignite High Performance Emotions

She said, “I think you want people to be afraid of you.” The higher you go the more serious your face looks. You may mistakenly believe a serious look makes you appear important.… Continue reading

How to toot your own horn?

Successful managers lift, enable, and release others for peak performance and maximum results. But when others succeed, who gets the credit? Don’t think it doesn’t matter who gets the credit, it does. Mid-level… Continue reading

Nasty and don’t know it

Research shows that people that hurt others with biting remarks and sarcasm don’t realize the pain they cause. In addition, mean people forget the sarcasms, cutting put-downs, and jabbing jokes they’ve said. However,… Continue reading

When Passion gets in the Way

It happened again. My passion for vision-driven-living ended a conversation and squashed an opportunity to connect and engage. There were six of us sitting around the table at lunch. I said to the… Continue reading

5 Surprising Ways to Inspire Others

You make a difference by helping others make a difference. Here’s how: Stop fixing. If your passion for excellence and success drives you to constantly fix people, stop fixing. Do you think people… Continue reading

How to matter?

Good one-word definitions say enough.  John Maxwell defines leadership as, “Influence.”  His full definition is:  “Leadership is influence: nothing more, nothing less.” For the moment, I’ll stick with, “Leadership is influence.” I believe… Continue reading